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PTP Series

About he PTP Series

The Anderson PTP Series defines excellence in traditional manufacturing processes by offering a wide selection of machine configurations to meet our client‘s needs.

By making use of many tested and proven features found in other products engineered by Anderson, such as the use of high grade components and heavy duty, cast iron base and gantry construction, the Anderson PTP Series offers clients a truly world class Point to Point manufacturing system. Together with a well-engineered machine, Anderson has completed its Point to Point machining center with an easy to use and fully integrated software package that allows for streamlined workflow and seamless parts designing with motion control being handled by a Syntec CNC Controller.

With Anderson, your traditional method of manufacturing can be revolutionized to boost your production and put you ahead of the competition.

Basic configurationPTP 2813PTP 2814PTP 3213PTP 3214
Vacuum Area (inch)123,2 x 56 x 6123,2 x 62 x 6138,8 x 56 x 10138,8 x 62 x 10
Table size X x Y x Z (inch)112,2 x 51,2 x 4112,2 x 57 x 4126 x 51,2 x 8126 x 57 x 8
Speed X-axis80-60-20 m/min80-60-20 m/min80-60-30 m/min80-60-30 m/min
Driven system X-axis and Y-axisRack & PinionRack & PinionRack & PinionRack & Pinion
Driven system Z-axisBall ScrewBall ScrewBall ScrewBall Screw
Table typetubelesstubelesstubelesstubeless
Front stops / intermediate stops42892428924289242892
Side stops1R+1L1R+1L1R+1L1R+1L
Panel lifting blades4444
Vacuum pump90 m3/h90 m3/h90 m3/h90 m3/h
Aggregate Head11112323
Independent vertical spindles on X / Y42860428604301543015
Independent horizontal spindles on X / Y1+1 / 1+11+1 / 1+12+2 / 1+12+2 / 1+1
Drilling step32 mm (1,3 in)32 mm (1,3 in)32 mm (1,3 in)32 mm (1,3 in)
Motor2,25 Kw2,25 Kw2,25 Kw2,25 Kw
Rotation4800 rpm4800 rpm4800 rpm4800 rpm
Saw Blade 90° rotationstandardstandardstandardstandard
Motor1,5 Kw1,5 Kw2,25 Kw2,25 Kw
Blade diameter120 mm (4,7 in)120 mm (4,7 in)125 mm (4,9 in)125 mm (4,9 in)
Main head3 axis3 axis3 axis3 axis
Spindle 8Kw 1000-18000 rpmstandardstandard
Cone ISO 30
Spindle 12Kw 1000-24000 rpm Cone HSK-63Foptionaloptionalstandardstandard
Automatic stationary tool change8 positions8 positions8 positions8 positions
Tool diameter max.110 mm (4,3 in)110 mm (4,3 in)110 mm (4,3 in)110 mm (4,3 in)
C-Axis rotationoptionaloptional
Light barriersstandardstandardstandardstandard
Safety hood for Spindlestandardstandardstandardstandard
NC ControllerSyntecSyntecSyntecSyntec
Weight2800 Kg3000 Kg3300 Kg3500 Kg

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