307, 2019

The ALL-NEW Anderson MLS will be unveiled @ AWFS booth 8225

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The ALL-NEW Anderson MLS; MULTI-BUNK LOADER SYSTEM is designed to Load a full sheet of manmade material, chosen from either 2, 4, or 6 available pre-staged bundles of materials. This is done using the same FANUC controller system as operates the CNC Router. So, there is not an additional controller system, with the added maintenance, learning curve, or communication issues that other more needlessly complicated multiple controller designs could have. This design allows for the loading of full bunks of material up to 48 inches overall height. Then our unique loading system LIFTS the panel & places it unto the staging conveyor, instead of dragging it, increasing its speed and reliability. Costly indexing scissor lifts are eliminated along with their sensors, eyes, controls and hydraulics. Material Squaring posts are included to allow for all material loading do be done from either side of the machine. System can be set up

2404, 2019

May 23rd – Free Educational CNC Workshop

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Anderson America & Diversified Equipment & Supply invite you to join us for a day of learning about CNCs, software, and advanced applications @ our New Showroom & New Facility in Charlotte/Pineville. No registration required. Lunch provided. Whether you come for the full day or just an hour, we hope to show you something that will help you take your business to the next level in productivity. Machine presentations begin at 9:00 AM: 10620 Southern Loop Boulevard Pineville, NC 28134 #upgradetoanderson #descncrocks #productivity #software #alphacam #cabinetvision #sevenmachinesunderpower

710, 2018

Swift Sensors Success with Anderson CNC Routers

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By adding vibration activity sensors to the routers, the support team can review logged data of the G-forces applied to the router and pinpoint events or patterns that may damage or cause the machine to operate outside it’s specified range. This helps the customer learn to operate the equipment more efficiently and helps the Anderson Group’s support team understand the actual operating conditions of their machines.

607, 2017

Modern Woodcrafts Automates with Robotic Arms and Intelligent VSD Vacuum Pumps

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"We’re manufacturing better products faster, and technology is making it possible,” says Joe Legere, Executive Vice President for Modern Woodcrafts. The Plainville, Connecticut-based manufacturer of high-end architectural millwork components for building interiors has developed a reputation for exacting quality synonymous with the iconic New York City properties which feature its products. Fully automated CNC Routing machine requiring intermittent vacuum pressure of 18”HgV or deeper.   The unusual paneling on the 101st floor of the Freedom Tower was milled by Modern Woodcrafts. So were the display cases for Tiffany’s and the famous oval bar in the Plaza Hotel. Three additional floors for the New York offices of Facebook are being built out using an old-school building material—vertical grain Douglas fir—milled and finished by Modern Woodcrafts. “The Facebook project was designed by Gehry Partners,” Legere explains. “They have a vision and our job is to turn it into reality. They specified vertical grain