710, 2018

Swift Sensors Success with Anderson CNC Routers

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By adding vibration activity sensors to the routers, the support team can review logged data of the G-forces applied to the router and pinpoint events or patterns that may damage or cause the machine to operate outside it’s specified range. This helps the customer learn to operate the equipment more efficiently and helps the Anderson Group’s support team understand the actual operating conditions of their machines.

607, 2017

Modern Woodcrafts Automates with Robotic Arms and Intelligent VSD Vacuum Pumps

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"We’re manufacturing better products faster, and technology is making it possible,” says Joe Legere, Executive Vice President for Modern Woodcrafts. The Plainville, Connecticut-based manufacturer of high-end architectural millwork components for building interiors has developed a reputation for exacting quality synonymous with the iconic New York City properties which feature its products. Fully automated CNC Routing machine requiring intermittent vacuum pressure of 18”HgV or deeper.   The unusual paneling on the 101st floor of the Freedom Tower was milled by Modern Woodcrafts. So were the display cases for Tiffany’s and the famous oval bar in the Plaza Hotel. Three additional floors for the New York offices of Facebook are being built out using an old-school building material—vertical grain Douglas fir—milled and finished by Modern Woodcrafts. “The Facebook project was designed by Gehry Partners,” Legere explains. “They have a vision and our job is to turn it into reality. They specified vertical grain

2106, 2017

Anderson Selexx PLUS 512 TC+D

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Moving gantry (stationary table) type machine equipped with 1 (one) 12 HP 4-pole air-cooled router spindle, with grease lubricated ceramic bearings, an 8-Position Automatic Tool Changing System, with tool length touch probe, and 1 (one) 2 HP, multiple spindle boring unit with 9 independently selectable spindles for vertical boring. The spindle motor is powered by an electronic AC inverter drive system with dynamic spindle braking. Full Torque is achieved at 9,000 RPM & Full HP is achieved at 12,000 RPM. The Automatic Tool Changer Carousel, with Steel Tool Holder Clips, is mounted on the spindle carriage, next to the Router Spindle, for fast and efficient tool changes.

1004, 2017

Another Beastly Eagle has Landed!

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Anderson America STRATOS PRO 30 with a 30' x 5' Table will be the Big Brother to another STRATOS PRO 24 that we put in 5 years ago. We're proud to have customers who choose to put their confidence in our team twice proven for success. This machine will make ambulance and emergency vehicle interior cabinets, flooring and many other materials cut to support their manufacturing. It was an honor and privilege to work with such an incredible team! A BIG Thank You to my Bestest CNC Tech /Trainer /Circus Ringmaster Jim Paden for putting up with me on the jobsite today! You have patience under incredible pressure for which I'm ever-thankful with all of our DES customers!