Anderson’s manufacturing facilities, exceeding 350,000 square feet, are also world class research and development, engineering and manufacturing operations, unparalleled in today’s machine tool industry.

Anderson’s in-house Research and Development (R&D) and engineering facilities, employing over 70 engineering personnel, gives Anderson the ability to continually improve its standard lines as well as provide customized solutions to its clients needing products to serve unique applications.

Professional Management Team

US CEODavid Steranko
US CFOGeorge Duru
US Service ManagerJohn Stevens
US Parts ManagerSteven Adams
US VP of SalesTom Flowers

Anderson Group Research and Development Lab

Anderson’s manufacturing sites are not only used as development facilities, but also serve as the location for the production and assembly of some of the finest CNC processing machine tools available on the market today. With a staff of over 300 construction and assembly technicians, all certified to the world highest standards, Anderson is able to offer its clients precision manufactured products, in a timely manner, with the highest regard for quality and accuracy.

Anderson has been awarded numerous awards for development, production and quality control as well as achieving many rigorous international engineering and manufacturing standards including ISO: 9001 and ISO:9002, CE and TUV.