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Anderson America to expand U.S distributor network.

2012-07-10 08:41 by admin

As the economy continues to recover and many distribution partners are looking to expand their CNC product offering, Anderson America is initiating a new dealer recruitment and expansion campaign to allow it to partner with more dealers and resellers in the industry. Anderson has always maintained a strong connection with its distributor network and in an effort to continue growing its new and existing dealer partnerships, is introducing and offering many new incentives to help dealers successfully integrate Anderson's line of CNC Processing Centers into their program. These incentives include new and exciting training programs aimed at utilizing Anderson's flagship, Pineville, NC showroom, and experienced, expert sales and marketing staff. For more information on joining our winning team and arranging a visit for you and your staff, please contact Sebastian Ward, Anderson's Dealer Recruitment Liaison, at 704-529-8369 or Sebastianward@yahoo.com. We look forward to working with you now and in the future.

Anderson Machinery Seeks Trail Blazing Initiatives with Alphacam

2012-05-30 10:13 by admin

Following his attendance at Vero Software’s largest ever Global Reseller Conference, the CEO of the Anderson Machinery Group in America has invited Vero to work with them to “trail-blaze” new CNC routing opportunities.

Raymond G. Ward told Alphacam General Manager Nick Spurrett that the conference was outstanding and uplifting. “We at Anderson Group America are proud to be associated with your company, and as I already explained to my co-workers and business partners, I consider Vero and your approach to further enhance and develop your already outstanding products, and the approach to your respective customer groups and markets, to be unique. The conference clearly indicated the path Vero have set for your organization and also for your many partners around the world.

"Please accept my open invitation to work with us, allowing us to jointly trail-blaze new opportunities where our knowledge and experience in CNC router processing, not only of wood products, may help and assist Vero to develop products that can be considered truly world class.”

And Raymond G. Ward is making Anderson Group America’s Technical Centre available to Alphacam and Vero to help progress new joint projects. Nick Spurrett and his Alphacam team are already planning to work closely with Anderson Group America on the development of label printer software.

Anderson CNC routers are already widely used by Alphacam customers...including The Cutting Room, in Cambridgeshire, UK. Their Anderson has been responsible for a variety of unusual and complicated projects, including a stunning combined reception desk, seating area and logo at the headquarters of leading fashion label Fred Perry.
Cutting Room Director Mark Durey says: “While almost all of the 405 components were different, we had every confidence that our Anderson could produce the high precision work needed to make this project a success.” It has two heads with 8-station auto tool changers, along with twin 1600 mm x 1600 mm beds which were used as one large 3200 mm x 1600 mm bed for the Fred Perry project.
Other projects where Mark Durey chose to use the Anderson over his other routers included a wooden buck for a one-off specialist racing car, a unique wall and stair feature at a Nando’s Restaurant, and the shaped wing struts for the re-creation of a famous early 20th Century monoplane.

“The combination of our Anderson CNC router and Alphacam is perfect. The more accurately we can work, the better. And that’s what Alphacam and Anderson give us. It means we’re working to perfection. In the office we work to perfection on the programming, then in ‘real life’ when it gets to the machine, it’s also perfect.”
The Alphacam team at the Portugal conference welcomed global resellers from as far afield as Australia, Japan and South Africa and presented the group with a strategic look at the 2013 product roadmap, an introduction to Waveform Roughing and a review of Alphacam Art -- an artistic application that automatically creates 3D relief models typically used in the woodworking and engraving industries.

Anderson CNC and Alphacam helps Monoplane-Maker Soar

2012-03-21 08:14 by admin

"We used the Anderson as it has the best vacuum for this type of work"

Those magnificent men with their cutting machines played a significant role in getting other magnificient men their flying machine. A Cambridgeshire woodworking company has produced all the shaped wing struts for the re-creation of a famous early 20th Century monoplane.

 A group of model-makers from Basildon came across the story of the Oakington Monoplane which was built in 1909 in an attempt to win a £1,000 prize offered by the Daily Mail for the first circular flight of at least one mile, by an all-British aeroplane. Alfred Grose and Neville Feary constructed the original monoplane in a barn in Oakington, Cambridgeshire. Although it never flew, the story captured the model-makers’ imagination, and they are currently building a full-size working model.

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